Chicoine Family Farm
Contact: Bill Chicoine
Address: 116 Oliver St Easthampton, MA, 01027
Email Address:
Phone: 413-527-4882
About Us
100% Grass Fed Beef. Pastured Poultry, Whole Roasting Chicken. Custom Wood (local harvest, cut to order).
Bill and his children take pride in raising their grass-fed beef – and it shows, from their care and passion for their animals to their meticulous upkeep of their land. Chicoine Family Farm has always raised their animals completely on grass – even at a time when this was largely unheard of in the area. The animals never spend time in feed lots and are never fed grain; they are even finished on pasture. The Chicoines are careful to rotate their herd through the 22 pastures on their property, sow high quality seed for forage, and keep their hay fields well-maintained.