Freed Foodies
Contact: Daniel Brassloff
Address: 66 Pearl Street Unit 1 Cambridge, MA, 02139
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Phone: 617-651-0503
About Us
Our founder, Daniel Brassloff, founded Freed Foodies due to his own dissatisfaction with gluten-free pizza and other baked good options on the market. He was diagnosed with tree-nut allergies in 2000 and Celiac in 2006, and has tried his best since then to support brands making great products for those who follow the gluten-free diet. After starting his gluten-free microwave-made mug cake business (MuggedCake) with a few of his college peers at Babson College and spending a semester abroad in college studying Gastronomy at CETT university, he set out to experiment with flour blends and come up with a formulation he knew he could stand behind.

Freed Foodies is focused on providing gluten-free multipurpose flour blends with superior quality, convenience, safety, and transparency. Our founder grew up with Celiac and tree nut allergies and created this brand from his own research.