Five Way Foods
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About Us
Five Way Foods crafts flavorful, always fresh vegetable and bone broths. Our small batch process ensures quality and consistency in every bottle. Each batch is handcrafted in Massachusetts, where we’ve been simmering broth since 2015.

The quality of our suppliers is important to us and to our customers. We use the freshest vegetables, herbs, and bones sourced from respected farms and fishermen in New England.

Unlike most off-the-shelf broths, Five Way Foods is low in sodium and uses a traditional long-simmer process to ensure that all of our vegetable and bone broths are full of nutrition and flavor.

Drinkable and free of artificial ingredients, you will find all of Five Way Foods’ broths in the refrigerated aisle. Why? Because real, quality bone broth like ours is perishable; fresh is best.
Developed in collaboration with a chef and nutritionist, our bone broths are simmered for hours to ensure that we extract all the vital proteins, vitamins, and nutrients from our ingredients in order to maximize its health-boosting qualities. A diet rich in bone broth has been proven to promote immunity, aid digestion, reduce inflammation, soothe sore joints, speed muscle recovery, and more. Our bone broths are made using only the finest, locally sourced ingredients, and we never, ever use preservatives. Five Way Foods prides itself on turning waste into value by extracting every last bit of goodness from animal and fish bones ... material which otherwise would be discarded.