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About Us
When Joe and Sara moved to their small New England town and learned how to tap the trees in their backyard, their love affair with ‘Mother Earth’s own sweetener,’ began. They knew its goodness came from deep in the natural, organic soil. But when their kids, Maya and Sam, got older and started asking for soda pop—that’s when they discovered the real magic of maple.

Turns out, maple has enough antioxidants and nutrients to be considered a superfood. So, they got the idea to make something good for their kids by blending sparkling water, natural flavors and a few drops of their maple sweetener cooked up on the kitchen stove. When blended just right, it brightened the other flavors for a truly fresh and satisfying taste.

They began selling it at local fairs. Folks couldn’t believe the sparkling beverage was 100% sweetened by healthy maple and nothing else! And that’s how Maple Mama was born.
We start with organic maple, a superfood rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. But unlike maple water, we don’t stop there. We pair our maple with all natural fruits and extracts. The maple flavor recedes, lifting our fruit blends to a uniquely satisfying finish.

The result: At half the calories of traditional sodas, Samara is a surprisingly light, sparkling and refreshing drink unlike anything else on the market today.