Meal Mantra
Contact: Tarun & Anu
Address: 943 Boylston St. Newton, MA, 02461
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Phone: 617-797-5400
About Us
Meal Mantra is a line of authentic, all-natural, gluten-free Indian Simmer Sauces, hand made in U.S.A. with family recipes from the creators of Tandoori Cuisine.
The founders, Tarun and Anu are fitness enthusiasts who share their passion of eating well through their easy to do sauces and believe sharing of exciting culinary experiences binds us all together. Tarun is a medical doctor by training and Anu, the grand daughter of famous chef Kundan Lal Gujral, is a tireless creator of new culinary delights.

Anu invites you on a culinary exploration of diverse cuisines to enjoy the simple pleasures of cooking often lost in the whirlwind of a busy life.

Anu learned to appreciate the wonderful art of cooking at an early age when she would follow her grandfather Kundan Lal Gujral, (inventor of the Tandoori Cuisine with such dishes as Dal Makhani, Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken – the inspiration for the now global favorite Chicken Tikka Masala) into the kitchens of the legendary Moti Mahal restaurant in India and lose track of time in the aromas, tastes and textures of food as she stood enraptured in the thrall of a man who was in his element creating artistic masterpieces that would lure his customers to another world of culinary wizardry.

Mealtimes must always be convivial occasions and nothing would please us more than for you to create your very own interpretations with our curry sauces!