Echo Farm
Address: 573 Chesterfield Rd Hinsdale, NH, 03451
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About Us
Our puddings are made with premium, all natural ingredients and milk from our own herd of cows!
Echo Farm milks 80 cows and has over 160 cows on the property; half Milking Shorthorns and half Jerseys. The farm lies on 35 acres in Hinsdale, NH (the southwest corner of the state). We're proud to be the first dairy farm in the country to be Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal care.

We pride ourselves on doing things differently on our farm as evidenced by the production of our unique puddings and our focus on cow care. Cow comfort is one of our top priorities. Our milking cows are allowed to go out twice a day - this gets them off the cement and limits the stress on their joints. Our girls are housed in freestall barns, which means they are not tied up and are free to roam about the barn. They have fresh feed and water available to them at all times, and they sleep on bedded sawdust packs that gives them a soft place to lay down and stretch out.