Terms of Service

Each order you place is a legally enforceable contract. If you wish to cancel your order, it must be done during the open ordering period on our online storefront Mass Food Delivery. Please do not contact the producers directly to cancel an order.  If you are having any ordering issues please email us at

We will inspect and pack all orders prior to distribution. In the event that product is missing or gets damaged during packing and/or delivery, we will provide a store credit to the customer, provided that the damaged/missing goods are documented immediately upon receipt of your order by contacting us at

Our goal is to provide the highest quality produce, and we require our producers to deliver market-grade products. The customer understands that since many of our farmers do not use pesticides or herbicides, fruits and vegetables may not look "perfect".

Your delivery order will be delivered right to your door the following Wednesday through Friday. We send an email at the beginning of each week with our delivery schedule, so you can plan your week. We are not able to accommodate specific delivery date or time requests or reschedule deliveries. If you are unable to take delivery of your order during any of our normal delivery days (Wednesday through Friday) please hold off on ordering until the following week or schedule an on-farm pickup instead. Orders cannot and will not be cancelled after the close of the ordering period each week.

SNAP customers: Those opting to meet the driver at the time of delivery to process payment are required to enter an alternate form of payment (credit or debit card) for any confirmed order. If you are unavailable to process payment in person at the time of delivery, then your order will not be delivered. This does not apply to the CSA Pilot Program deliveries. Please note: SNAP/HIP customers pay a discounted delivery fee of $10. The delivery fee cannot be paid with SNAP or HIP, per DTA regulations.