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Fork on a Road
Contact: Suman Shah
City: Lynnfield, MA,
About Us
Vegetarian & vegan meal kits & spice blends with recipes inspired by the local harvest, and my global pantry. Try these wholesome & seasonal kits and spices online. Follow the Fork!

When life gives you a fork, take it!

That is what started Fork on a Road, a fresh start, and a new perspective. After a couple life-changing events, I decided to dedicate myself to being more present. And to do that, I had to cultivate a life that nurtured in return.

I found that centre of nurturing in food. Cooking a meal offers an opportunity for being present, and that mindfulness brings joy not only in the act, but also results in a sense of wellbeing for everyone involved. Food is something we all connect to at an elemental level, and that resonates with us emotionally, this connection is what makes a meal such a powerful experience.

The deeper I dove into my cooking, the more resolved I became about what kind of products I wanted to share; my Market Day Meal kits offers that opportunity for everyone to take a step back, savour what the seasons have to offer and become more in-tune with how you want to receive and give that nurturing.

Come join me at my table, where I take what New England provides and flavor it with my immigrant pantry. I am a local vegetarian recipe developer, chef, and writer.

My culinary adventure makes stops between Bombay to Boston.

Reach out for collaboration, to talk about food and obsess over a new spice you’ve just discovered.

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