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Grace Hill Farm
Address: 47 Potash Hill Rd Cummington, MA, 01026
Phone: 781-771-8194
About Us
Grace Hill Farm is run by Max and Amy Breiteneicher. The vision for our farm grew naturally out of our shared interests and values – a love of good food and a desire to produce food that is delicious and made with integrity; a love of nature and of living and working closely with animals and the land; and of course, Max’s great passion for cheese. Max is blessed to have been taught cheesemaking and animal husbandry over the years by a series of true professionals at Jasper Hill Farm, Chase Hill Farm, and Sidehill Farm.

After many years of searching for just the right spot, we were so lucky to finally find it here in Cummington. Our land belonged to the Dawes/Thayer family since the 1700’s, passed down through the generations until they were so kind as to sell it to us in 2012. It has been a sheep farm and a dairy farm within living memory, and the old stone walls running through our woods attest to the pasture that used to be everywhere. We are honored to be stewards of this beautiful land, and are grateful for the opportunity to revitalize and restore this old New England farm.
Grace Hill Farm is a small family farm located in the beautiful hills of Western Massachusetts.
Our herd of Normande and Ayrshire cows are grass-fed and milked seasonally, from April through November. We produce an assortment of artisanal raw milk cheeses, grass-fed raw milk, and eggs from our organic-fed pastured hens. We don’t use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, or antibiotics. Our beloved animals are happy, healthy, and well cared for, and we believe that makes all the difference in the quality of our products.