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Mycoterra Farm
Contact: Julia Coffey
Address: 75 Stillwater Rd South Deerfield, MA, 01373
Phone: 413-397-3654
About Us
Mycoterra Farm is a woman-owned certified organic mushroom farm in the heart of Western Mass. Mycoterra Farm's mushrooms and products are sold at farmers markets in the Boston area and at farm stands, co-ops, and farm stores across New England. They can be found year-round at the Mycoterra Farm Store and online at Mass Food Delivery.
Mycoterra Farm grows mushrooms in small batches. They grow on organic substrates free from harmful chemicals, and they fruit indoors in conditions that mimic their natural environment. Their many gourmet mushrooms are harvested at their flavor peak, when they are full of nutrients.

Mycoterra Farm also grows organic vegetables. They use organic compost made from the byproducts of the mushroom growing process. This compost is nutrient-rich. It also prevents erosion by creating organic matter and mycelial structures in the soil, which is critical for regenerating healthy ecosystems.

Mycoterra Farm strives to leave the planet better than they found it. Growing organic mushrooms and building healthier soil seems like a good place to start.