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Mayval Farm
Contact: Margaret Parsons
Address: 137 Easthampton Rd Westhampton, MA, 01027
About Us
Located just outside of Northampton in western Massachusetts, Mayval Farm has been in the Parsons family since 1778. With about 100 registered Holstein, Jersey, and Brown Swiss dairy cows, our farm is one of only about 120 dairy farms remaining in Massachusetts.

Family farm history
In 1778, Noah Parsons III moved with his family to farm on what is now Easthampton Road in Westhampton, Massachusetts. Almost 250 years later, the Parsons family still owns and farms that same land. Margie and Kate run the creamery and farm store. Henry manages the dairy herd and beef cattle. Ed oversees the crops, maple sugaring, compost, and equipment. Currently, the dairy herd consists of about 100 registered Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Jersey cows.
We milk about 100 registered Holstein, Jersey, and Brown Swiss dairy cows twice a day, 365 days a year. 99% of our cows are born and raised on the farm. Henry chooses all the bulls for type and production. The cows eat feed grown on the land around the farm, and they also graze in the pasture for several months of the year.