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Baer's Best Beans
Address: 36 Sharon Road South Hamilton, MA, 01982
Phone: 978-468-9093
About Us
We grow a variety of classic New England beans on our farm in South Berwick, Maine. Including, but not limited to, Vermont Cranberry, Soldier, Boston Roman, Jacob's Cattle, Calypso,Yellow Eye and Black Cocoa. In addition to beans we also grow heirloom tomatoes, melons, basil, and an assortment of garden vegetables.
As small farm we can harvest each type at peak maturity and quality. After the drying process is complete in the barn, the crop is cleaned with conventional screening machines followed by state-of-the-art gravity separation. One final time-consuming step we take with the beans is to use 100-year-old hand grading machines to do final QC. This results in a top quality product far better than commercial grades. Our crop is always fresh harvest and cooks quickly, without the need for presoaking.