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Our Family Farms
Address: 160 N County Rd Leyden, MA, 01337
Phone: 413-262-1816
About Us
We love our cows! We consider them members of our family, and each cow has a name and unique personality. Our ladies spend their days relaxing in our airy, spacious open milking barn and in the spring, summer, and fall they graze on our pastures. 365 days a year, we care for our cows like we do our own children. Our passion for their comfort and quality of life ensures our cows remain happy and healthy—and make superior quality milk for you to enjoy!

Our Land
Our farmers are multi-generational stewards of the land in Franklin County. We manage our farms using many sustainable agricultural practices, protecting our natural resources, and preserving open space. We grow most of our cows’ feed right on cropland on our farms, and enrich these fields’ soils with their manure, ensuring their longtime fertility for a greener, self-sustaining, and local ecological “hoofprint”.

Our Community
For over 25 years, our farms have brought our farmstead-fresh, local milk to our community. We take strive to (and take delight in!) continually educate non-farm folks about dairy farming, giving them a deeper understanding of where their food comes from. We’re honored and proud to stand as an established
co-op dairy brand among the many dedicated growers, producers, and farmers in the rich and varied local agriculture network across the region.