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Bug Hill Farm
Address: 502 Bug Hill Rd Ashfield, MA, 01330
Phone: 413-628-3980
About Us
At Bug Hill Farm, we make our shrubs (sipping vinegars), cordials and conserves in small batches
in our own kitchen using local fruits (including our own raspberries, black currants and aronia)
and other (mostly) organic fruits. Our products appeal to buyers for a variety of reasons
including their culinary versatility and “local” provenance, both of which, combined with their
high-quality branding/packaging, make them excellent gifts.
Fruit Shrubs
A fruit shrub (from the Arabic ‘shrab’, meaning drink) is a “sipping vinegar” that was popular in
colonial New England as a thirst quencher during haying season. Shrubs are making a revival
due primarily to their use in fancy cocktails. But shrubs are far more than cocktail mixes; in
fact, they have almost limitless versatility:
? splash in seltzer for a refreshing home-made “soda”
? drizzle on ice cream, yogurt, pancakes – almost anything - for a burst of fruit flavor
? combine with olive oil to make salad dressing or marinade
Bug Hill Farm shrubs boast 1/4 - 1/3 lb. of delicious, nutritious fruit juice in each bottle.