Boston Smoked Fish Co.
Address: 16-20 Boston Fish Pier Boston, MA, 02210
Phone: 617-819-5476
About Us
It all started in the backyard in 2013 when two smoked fish enthusiasts and food lovers decided to try and push the envelope, making smoked fish with a richer more delicious flavor while being minimally processed with honest, simple ingredients. Working with a home smoker and experimenting with 72 different brine recipes, multiple sources of fresh fish, and different hardwoods, Chris and Matt finally found what they were looking for. To share their passion and delicious results with friends and families, they purchased a vacuum sealer and began packaging the fish they smoked.

You’ll taste a wonderful harmony of flavors--all from whole and honest ingredients--in each bite of our smoked fish. Blessed with the abundance of farmers market opportunities in the Greater Boston area, Chris and Matt turned in their former day jobs and started smoking fish full time. Today we pursue the art of smoking fish at our new home on the Historic Boston Fish Pier. The rest is history!
The Boston Smoked Fish Company produces the highest quality smoked fish available using sustainably harvested fish, locally sourced ingredients, and all natural preparation. We hand select the freshest fish daily from the docks in Boston, expertly match it with fresh herbs and spices, and gently smoke it in small batches over specific varieties of North American hardwoods. We believe it is important for people to know what they eat, and that is why we use locally-sourced ingredients from the communities in which we work and live.