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Cabot Creamery Co-op
Address: 193 Home Farm Way Waitsfield, VT, 05673
Phone: 888-792-2268
About Us
Every morning, every single day, Cabot farmers get up and get to work. Every morning since 1919, when 94 families from Cabot, Vermont, formed a co-operative to ensure their livelihood. They knew that they were stronger together than they were apart.
Today, Cabot’s 800 farm families still have each other’s back. As do the 1,000+ people we employ across four plants in three states. Supporting each other is what the co-operative movement is all about.

And all of us believe that hard work and a tireless dedication to quality make our products stand apart...

The truth is, we only know one way to live this life: give everything we have to it. Those families back in 1919, they’d tell you the same thing: we do it for our kids, our cows, our land, our communities. For the pride we take in producing the best cheese and finest dairy products in the world. For the love of it all.

That's our legacy. That’s what the history of the co-operative means to us.
Cabot Creamery Co-operative achieved B Corp certification in 2012 and became the world’s first dairy co-op to do so. We’re proud of this as it validates our attention to environmental and social impacts for our consumers, customers, employees and the farm families who own Cabot.
As a B Corp, Cabot strives to meet verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Our commitment to these rigorous standards returns meaningful benefits to employees and consumers alike, and measures not only sound viability, but impact on the communities we serve, and on the natural environment in which we live and work.

Over a century ago, 94 farmers formed Cabot Creamery Co-operative, based on the belief that together, they could do more. The Co-op is now made up of 800 farm families throughout New York and New England who are committed to making the highest quality dairy products while giving back to their communities and stewarding their land. Our Farmers’ attention to these three bottom lines; people, place, and profit are an essential part of Cabot’s legacy. For us, the B Corp certification is a public way of affirming what we’ve always believed, that together, we can do better. Here at Cabot, we're excited about initiatives like the Department of Gratitude and the innovative practices at our creameries. All this comes together to make cheese and dairy products that are not only the World’s Best, but which really are best for the world.