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Indigo Coffee Roasters
Contact: Lourdes Tallet & Florence Campanile
Address: 660 Riverside Drive Northampton, MA, 01062
Phone: 800-447-5450
About Us
We are an independent, craft roaster dedicated to the enjoyment of coffee through the preservation of the traditional art of coffee roasting and a fanatical quest for quality from origin to roast to cup. All of our roasting is done in small batches using a vintage German 1951 Ideal Rapid Gothot drum roaster. We roast only to order and only the finest single origins. Certifications: USDA Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher.

We take our responsibilities to the communities we belong to as seriously as our craft. We contribute to the fundraising efforts of local non-profit groups as well as to social, economic and environmental programs in the coffee growing regions through our ongoing support of Grounds for Health and the International Women’s Coffee Alliance and by our Organic and Fair Trade certifications. In addition, by participating in Nexamp’s Community Solar program, 100% of our electricity purchases are from renewable energy sources.

Indigo offers only the highest grades of arabica coffees. We primarily source organic, fair trade certified coffees from farmer co-operatives, but offer a variety of conventional coffees as well. Many of our selections are also available decaffeinated using the all-natural, chemical-free Swiss Water Process. We offer several roast profiles to satisfy diverse taste preferences but have chosen a Full City roast as our signature roast. This is a medium roast which allows the beans to develop fully, bringing out enhanced body with a slightly muted acidity, while preserving origin character. Indigo roasts only to order, giving you the freshest coffee possible and an unparalleled tasting experience. Enjoy!