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Ground Up Grain
Address: 27 Middle Street Hadley, MA, 01035
Phone: 413-349-9099
About Us
Founded in 2019 by Andrea Stanley, Christian Stanley and Ben Roesch - we are striving to create local markets for more acres of grain, more thriving farms, more fresh and nutritious flour - all important signs of a more sustainable and resilient food system.

With careful attention on selecting the best locally grown wheat and rye for each type of flour and milling on a stone mill- we are able to create flours that perform consistently for breads, cakes, pizza, and special family cookie recipes.

We mainly source grains from Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York State Farms for milling.
Ground Up uses a 48” New American Mill made lovingly in Vermont from local granite and a French-style sifter called a bolting box. In the Spring of 2019 the mill was hoisted up to its home on the second story of Valley Malt. While watching spring grains growing out the windows, the stones began to turn. Partners from the beginning have included the Hungry Ghost and Blue Hill Stone Barns who have helped dial-in local wheat blends and protein ratios to create flour styles. As a result, our bread consumption has reached epic proportions and we have realized that we love milling just as much as malting and brewing.