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Mapleline Farm
Address: 78 Comins Road Hadley, MA, 01035
Phone: 413-549-6486
About Us
Established in 1904, Mapleline Farm located in Hadley, Mass is operated by the family's fifth generation. A herd of registered Jersey cows produce a premium milk, that has 15-18% more calcium and 15-20% more protein than milk produced by other breeds. It's higher content of butterfat also contributes to it's rich and creamy taste! Jersey milk is also inherently A2 beta-casien, which means it's easier for us to digest.

Besides Jersey's having the lowest carbon footprint of the cattle breeds, Mapleline Farm prioritizes sustainability and implements farming practices to conserve the natural landscape. The farm raises it's feed on agriculture and conservation-protected land, is solar-powered, and has an extensive waste water program. Mapleline's Jersey's are nationally recognized for both type and production and the herd ranks among the top Jersey herds for in the country for its size for both production and quality.
There is a difference that you notice right away. This is fresh. Our milk is pasteurized and bottled right on the farm, within hours of milking. It's also rich. Jersey's make the richest, creamiest milk, that is higher in calcium, protein, and nonfat solids. And it's natural. Our milk doesn't contain any added preservatives, and our cows are not treated with any growth hormones. The cows live a comfortable life, and their diet consists mostly of hay and corn grown on fields surrounding their barn. Taste the difference and enjoy!