Teddie Natural Peanut Butter
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About Us
In the early 20th century, my grandfather, Michael Hintlian, and his family emigrated from Armenia and settled in the Boston area. In 1925, my grandfather and his family began producing and distributing a variety of candies and mixed nuts to local Boston retailers. During The Great Depression, The Leavitt Corporation began producing Teddie Peanut Butter as an affordable source of protein. When my father, James Hintlian, joined the company following World War II, he further expanded Leavitt’s commitment to quality and positioned the Teddie brand as a household staple. Under his leadership, Teddie Peanut Butter became the number one all natural peanut butter brand in New England.
True to its heritage, Leavitt continues to be family-owned and operated, just as it was when my grandfather led the company over 90 years ago. Today, I am honored to lead Leavitt as the third generation Hintlian family member, working alongside my Teddie Family made up of siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and an incredible team of 100+ dedicated associates. Family continues to be the secret ingredient to our success and the reason Teddie Peanut Butter remains New England’s number one peanut butter brand.
We believe that peanut butter should be simple. That’s why our All Natural Peanut Butter contains only two ingredients: PEANUTS and SALT (and flaxseed if you choose!) – never any sweeteners or mystery ingredients.

All our peanut butters are proudly certified by the Non-GMO Project. Just pure, all natural Teddie goodness for you and your family.

With so many tasty options to choose from – Smooth, Super Chunky, Flaxseed, No Salt and Organic – it’s difficult to choose a favorite! Whether you love your Teddie on a sandwich, in a smoothie, with dessert or by the spoonful, our family has lovingly prepared every last bite for the enjoyment of your family.