Song Sparrow Farm & Kitchen
Contact: Toni Hall
Address: Po Box :60645 Florence, MA, 01062
Phone: 413-923-1376
About Us
Song Sparrow Farm & Kitchen is a team of queer farmers & food makers working together to grow and produce delicious salads and teas to make your life tasty and simple.

Song Sparrow Kitchen Sources through Mass Food Delivery for local farm fresh ingredients. The sourcing of our ingredients is based on the seasons, and what we can get from our food producing friend and neighbors.

'Song Sparrow Farm Kitchen' produces prepared salads, out of the commercial kitchen at Mycoterra Farm, where Mass Food Delivery is based. Toni, the owner and facilitator of Song Sparrow has been working with Mycoterra Farm since 2013, and is currently facilitating the growth of the Mycoterra Farm prepared foods, and is also the owner of Song Sparrow Farm & Kitchen.

Song Sparrow Farm is a small scale vegetable farm focusing on high value crops, grown at hand scale, by happy people. We grow on 3/4 at the Florence Organic Community Garden in Florence, Northampton.
We grow nutrient dense food. To do so we use small scale, (soil) health oriented growing techniques.
With life affirming intention, we mimic ecosystems & grow with market gardening efficiency.

Song Sparrow Farm is Certified Naturally Grown

At Song Sparrow Farm We:
Grow in 'no till', permanent raised beds.
Use local organic compost as part of soil fertility, with minimal additional certified organic fertilizers.
Only order seeds from NON GMO certified seed suppliers.
Spend time on relationships between everyone at the farm.
Are grateful for our role in our communities.