Song Sparrow Farm
Contact: Tony Hall
Address: 140 Meadow Street Northampton, MA, 01062
Email Address:
Phone: 413-923-1376
About Us
Song Sparrow farmer's grow vegetables, herbs and flowers, intensively, on 3/4 ace of land leased from "Grow Food Northampton," next to the "Florence Organic Community Garden."

Song Sparrow Farm is a team of queer farmers, educators, family and friends. We grow at hand scale, focusing on bunched herbs, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, cucumbers, & kale, in addition to a full summer CSA. Song Sparrow Farm produce can be found at our onsite farm stand, some of the Valley's finest restaurants,, & the Easthampton Sunday Farmers Market!
We grow nutrient dense food. To do so we use small scale, (soil) health oriented growing techniques.
With life affirming intention, we mimic ecosystems & grow with market gardening efficiency.

At Song Sparrow Farm We:
Grow in 'no till', permanent raised beds.
Use local organic compost as part of soil fertility, with minimal additional certified organic fertilizers.
Only order seeds from NON GMO certified seed suppliers.
Spend time on relationships between everyone at the farm.
Are grateful for our role in our communities.