The Strawberry Farm
Contact: Kevin Pell
Address: Pell Strawberries LLC South Windsor,, CT, 06074
Phone: 860-670-2804
About Us
Our local strawberry lies just south of Massachusetts in Broad Brook, CT. We pride ourselves on offering sweet, local strawberries throughout the year.

I am a fourth generation farmer, having grown up on a large strawberry farm. We started The Strawberry Farm in 2018. My passion is to increase local strawberry production, while maintaining peak quality.

We implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to control pests. Biological control agents are applied to contain any pest pressure. We are on a low-spray program. Pesticides are only applied when absolutely necessary. All our plants are watered through a drip irrigation system. Therefore, the water is targeted to the root zone, limiting water use.

Before settling on the variety we currently grow, we tried many others. The number one thing we were looking for was flavor. These strawberries are some of the sweetest available during the local season, with the added benefit of a year-round growing season.