Decas Farms
Address: 4 Old Forge Drive Carver, MA, 02330
Phone: 508-866-8506
About Us
Decas has been family owned for over 75 years bringing you superior cranberry products under the Paradise Meadow brand.

The story of Decas is one of dedication to quality, innovation and our mission – to grow cranberries that are simply the best. Our success has been due to a combination of our own commitment, the shared passion of our grower network, and the careful attention placed on our customers’ and consumers’ needs by our team. We’re proud of these products that bear our family name and believe them to be some of the best cranberries in the world. We hope that you enjoy our berries as much as we do.
Environmental stewardship and sustainable farming have been at the core of our agricultural philosophy since our founding. We treat the land we make our living from as the precious gift it is. We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and consider the impact on fragile wetlands that have been entrusted to us in all our decisions. We operate all facilities with sensitivity to and reverence for nature and the environment including those processes regarding energy and waste management.